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Console Industries Health Care Divison is dedicated for manufacture and supply of "CONSOLE" Brand variety of "Steam Inhalators" - a high quality Health Care Equipment - offers a comforting departure from the traditional way of steam inhalation for prevention, relief & cure from pollution related Respiratory Disorders,Cold, Sinusitis & Bronchitis etc.etc. The main users of Console Steam Inhalators are scattered among Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Health Clinics, Homes, Beauty Parlours, Hair Saloon, Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, Medical/Therapeutic Treatment Centers etc.

Other Salient Features of Console Steam Inhalators:

  • I deal device for administering steam to INFANTS as well as Adults
  • Highly recommended for facial and Skin Care Treatment etc.
  • Console Steam Inhalators all soothing, non-messy and safest from of uninterrupted steam is recommended by experts and forms an integral part of Ayurvedic/Medical/Therapeutic Treatments.
  • It clears out the hazardous pollutants inhaled and accords instantaneous refreshing and revitalizing relief from the dragging down effect of a busy day.
  • It is an ideal Gift Item to your near and dear ones on all occasions and in all seasons.
  • As humidifier, Console Premier Steamers are recommended for bedrooms, living rooms and offers when heating is ON and also used as Humidifier by certain manufacturers in there scientific equipments.
  • Console pleasantly deodorizes any closed place.
  • Ensure generation of purest from of steam right from of steam right from (ON to Auto Cut-off) Position of the system
  • All CONSOLE Steam Inhalator/Vaporizer containers are detachable and makes 100% cleaning possible to ensure generation of HealthCare and pure steam.

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