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Many people suffer from allergies, colds, coughs, and hey each and every year. It is a condition that poses discomfort and disturbs the day-to-day life of the patient. Such conditions impact the life quality of the individuals in a significant way. Especially the winter months are very tough when there is a significant impact on the life quality of the individual. There are many available treatment provisions. But one of the key remedies that has been practiced for long is the use of steam. In fact, this is one of the therapies which is mostly recommended by physicians and medical practitioners. So this is an age-old method that is utilized for elevating the symptoms of the sinuses as well as the allergies. By taking into concentration the age-old therapeutic process, and modernizing it for the convenience of the consumer, our company is here to present with you the smart, multipurpose, compact easy-to-use console steam inhaler.

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Cold and cough are one of the worst types of infections that people get during the winter. The congestion taking place owing to the cold takes a long time to go and causes extreme discomfort to the patient. It takes place due to the weather conditions or smog. In such a situation, steamers work wonders. Our console steam vaporizer turns the water into the steam and then it will be transmitted to the surrounding atmosphere clearing congestion and moisturizing the dried nasal passage. Our cutting-edge advanced technology portable console steam inhaler produces steam like never before in order to provide you the much-needed relief. 95% of the individuals who have already used our product have reported significant improvement in the symptoms that they were suffering from. And it is trusted by thousands of people in India and worldwide.

Our nasal steamer is developed by medical professionals who have many decades of expertise

Our nasal steamer is developed by medical professionals who have many decades of experience creating such advanced products for taking care of the health of the people. They are very well aware of the fact that how unpleasant allergies are and thus they found a solution which fits specific needs as well as the pocket of everyone. Here are some of the features that make our range of console streamers truly remarkable and one of its kind:

Here are some of the most striking attributes of our console steam care products that truly bring value to the lives of consumers:

Cutting edge medical grade HEPA filters

The device is incorporated with the HEPA filter which assists in the eradication of germs, allergens as well as pollutants due to the micro fine as well as sterile steam release from the machine. So it is helping out in awarding the exposure of the body to harmful toxins, and microbes, that can enter & exacerbate the systems of the human body. This makes the advanced technology steamer the most useful product for treating allergies as well as the cleanest way of enjoying the cleansing due to steam.

Portable device

The inventor of the console steam vaporizer was once the allergy suffered. They were very passionate about inventing the machine, a portable flexible solution that could provide instant relief to the patient despite of their location. It is this ability that has enabled the manufacturers to immediately address the problems faced by the people and this is an important factor in the creation of the console steam care products that enable the patient to fight back against nasal congestion, allergies, and sinuses.

Temperature adjustability feature

Whenever it comes to using our top-notch console steamer for the symptoms of a cold or allergies, the individual will have variant preferences for the temperature. Our device comes with temperature adjustment settings so that the user can inhale the micro fine, and sterile steam at different temperatures of their choice and can be as comfortable as possible. So this is another advantage of our console steam care products that it is not presenting itself as a remedy which is not comfortable to the people.

Natural Therapy

Our steam nebulizer treats people with an entirely natural therapy. There are some of people who don't intend to take the medications or use the sprays for specific reasons. For example, pregnant women might not use drugs as a therapy. So finally with the help of our console steamer, people can opt for the drug-free and natural alternative under the condition of the cold, fever, and allergies.

Handheld compact steam vaporizer

The product is compact comes in handy and can be utilized by everyone in the family whenever someone is getting cold or facing the problem of allergies or other respiratory issues. This is something that is an unavoidable component of human life and everyone goes through the same kind of experience is also throughout the process. At times, the sinuses of people get blocked, and this leads to headaches, trouble breathing, and even migraines. So instead of breaking down to the basin, boiling the water to find ways to steam yourself, buy a console steam inhaler from our company which is a portable handheld device and has been proven to be vastly beneficial and superior in providing relief against nasal congestion, cough and cold in the entire family.

Steam vaporizer for allergies

Typically there is always a single member in the family who is facing energy issues for example hay fever or sinus congestion regularly. In fact, one out of every five Indians suffer from this complication and that prevails throughout the year or during the specific season when the count of pollen grains is high and in under such circumstances life becomes extremely challenging for these people. Steam as a medical therapy has been utilized for several centuries to provide relief against sinus congestion and this is a natural solution to the problem. However the steam has the potential to cause burn and thus, it has to be inhaled with extreme caution. But our handheld console steam inhaler is manufactured with an extra level of protection, safety, and the possibility to control the temperature so that it can be set at the heat and temperature that the user is looking for and thus, it provides complete control and maximum flexibility.

1- Key benefits of console steamer

2- Provide relief against cold and cough

3- Add inhalants for example Vicks and other medications to the steamer

4- Improve the air quality of the room

5- Clear congestion and dryness in the nasal passage

6- The console steam vaporizer is ergonomically designed in a unique way

7- Abs plastic body

8- Shock-free, lightweight, and easy to carry

9- Quick and effective vaporization within minutes

10- Loses mucus & facilitates better prognosis

11- Our facial steamer also helps in providing deep moisturizing and cleansing to the skin

Our facial steamer also helps in providing deep moisturizing and cleansing to the skin. The steam helps in opening the clogged pores, thoroughly cleansing away all the dirt, makeup, and blackheads along with the impurities to provide you with extremely radiant, elastic, and youthful skin. Thus our console steam care products are also meant for beauty treatment and has the suitable for people of all age groups and can be utilized for the removal of blackheads. Now take full advantage of our 3 1 advanced inhaler to use it as a medical and beauty treatment product. Check out the console steamer price in Delhi NCR by visiting our website

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Our facial steamer is incorporated with air holes for the release of steam directly into the face and extends a quick and efficient way for cleansing, clearing the sinuses, and providing instant relief from the cold, cough, flu as well and allergies. The product can also be utilized for the deep cleaning of the skin and it functions as a humidifier. This new type of advanced steamer generates super fine and nano ionic mist. Through the combination of the nano steam with the ionic water components, there will be deeper penetration within the skin in comparison to the utilization of the hot water steamer machine. After filling the water tank with the marked level of water and turning the plug on, you will be able to enjoy the strong as well as soothing mist within just a few seconds.

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Our console steam vaporizer is widely utilized for clearing the airways owing to its warming as well as moisturizing impact, assisting in losing mucus. This provides relief from the cough, and cold as well as blocked sinuses. When an individual is sick due to a cold or some other kind of respiratory problem, then inhalation of the steam from the steamer device will be a great help. As it will lead to the loosening of the mucus within the lungs, and sinuses, a testing out in relieving against congestion, easing sore throat as well as improving the voice hoarseness. You can simply buy a console steam inhaler from our online store and get yourself relieved from the cough, cold as well and blocked nose.

Our steamer is easy to use and you can also carry it while traveling

Our product is easy to use and you can also carry it while traveling. At the same time, it is dishwasher safe and is a component with the vapor- pad which can be utilized for inhaling essential oils and medications. The nebulizer is very simple to open as you just have to fill the same with hot tap water. Also, the leakage-proof design provides safety as it prevents spills. Now you can have your own personalized and Natural Therapy for providing relief against allergies, sinus congestion, colds, and cough.

Our advanced console steam care products are here to provide you with natural steam therapy

The best thing about our products is that they are available at discounted rates you can check the console steamer price in Delhi and you will find that our items are available at the industry's best cost. Our advanced console steam care products are here to provide you with the natural steam therapy that can provide you benefits at the time of cold as well as flu. So it will assist you in compacting excessive dryness. Especially during the winter times when the heating will be robbing the moisture of air and this will assist in keeping your throat as well as nasal passage effectively hydrated. Thus the use of our face steam Nebulizer will let you have restful sleep by breathing easier.

1- Benefits of our console steam inhaler

2- Soothing steam targeting the nose, mouth as well as throat helps to alleviate congestion, dryness as well and irritation naturally

3- Variable steam controller for adjusting the intensity of steam

4- Ergonomic advanced design based on Nano Ionic Technology

5- Compact, lightweight, and easy to use

6- Soft plastic mask

7- Shockproof

8- One year warranty

9- Automatic shutting off

10- Convenient to clean

11- Lock on cap & night light

12- Suitable for children, adults & elderly

13- Get big savings on all your orders with next-day delivery at your doorstep!

14- Now get the big savings on all your orders with next-day delivery at your doorstep! We are recognized as the premium brand for the supply of steam inhalers! So now steam away all your stress and worries! Place your order today!